what clients are saying 

"I feel good mentally and physically.  This program helped me look at food differently...I see food as fuel now, and whole foods make me think and feel better.  Now I have a better understanding of clean eating and the benefits that it has!  The program helped me build a foundation so that I can move forward and explore more clean eating opportunities.  I thought Alia was very supportive, organized and resourceful.  The binder was fabulous, videos were awesome, and the grocery store tour was great.  I would highly recommend Alia's services to others.  I think her program could help a lot of people who want to explore clean eating or starting a healthier lifestyle.  I know several people who just need a little boost or guidance to push them through the process."
Theresa Horton
"We had heard great things about Alia from other classes that she teaches, and from the moment we met her in person, we knew she'd be a great fit for our community!  Alia now teaches monthly Lunch and Learn workshops on healthy eating and cooking at Enerspace.  We have a mission to create a culture of wellbeing at Enerspace, so her workshops help me achieve my goals of building community and providing valuable programming. 
Alia provides really approachable recipes or frameworks (such as smoothies and kale salads!) and healthy options that actually taste amazing.  It's great to have a demo and get to sample - it's a great reminder once a month to stay focused on keeping healthy eating fun and interesting.

Alia has the content your audience needs delivered in a format that will engage and inspire them."
--Jamie Russo, owner Enerspace Chicago, host of the podcast Everything Coworking
“Alia impressed me so much, from the advance menu planning she does, carefully working in any food preferences I’ve specified, and including items that get the most bang for nutritional buck. I felt like her enthusiasm for finding the best dishes of all ethnicities and making them as fresh and healthy as possible was outstanding. I thought I knew a lot about vegetarian cooking but she exposed me to all kinds of dishes I’d never tried before. ”
—Mara Myers
While working with Alia, I ate far healthier than ever before, including an incredible variety of foods that I would never have prepared myself. Almost every night, my husband and I would marvel at the number of ingredients in our dinner and would say, again and again, that'd we'd just never take the time to do this for ourselves. I initially felt overly decadent/a bit guilty about having a personal chef, but our initial interactions with Alia were very positive and warm, so I got over any hesitation and am very glad that I did!
Other than the fact that Alia is funny and kind, and in addition to how good it felt to treat my body so well, what I liked best (besides the food, of course) was how responsive she was, especially as I was going through chemo and experiencing significant shifts in my taste preferences or even unable to eat much at all. Alia is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition for people undergoing cancer treatment and knew how to make food that I both should and could eat.   
I would wholeheartedly recommend Alia's services and in fact have already done so to several friends and colleagues"
Kristi M.
"Since starting with Alia's personal chef service, our family sits down and actually eats the same meal together!  It has been seriously life changing. My kids LOVE the food, and are excited to try new things.  I love that I can relax about dinner prep. I know the meals will be healthy and delicious. I also do not worry about allergic reactions.  I know that my family is eating so much better.  I do not order out, so I am saving money. I am thrilled that the pizza ordering has gone down dramatically!
I would highly recommend Alia to any busy family that has the desire to eat healthier. Also to anyone that has the stress of kids with allergies/food intolerances. She is creative and above all--an amazing chef!  I have not had a meal yet that we didn't all love!  She leaves the kitchen spotless, brings good energy into the home, and is always smiling. Alia has been very accommodating and willing to please the whole family. She is meticulous and organized.
Working with Alia is the best decision I ever made!"
Jocelyn Snower
"I thought the process was very organized and clear as to what Alia's role would be.  She has a very positive and upbeat attitude, which is a great attribute!  This service allowed me to eat healthy food during our transition of moving, which allowed me to avoid eating out and not stress about what to make.  I would (and already have) recommended Alia and her services!  I think this is a great gift for someone who might be going through a life transition, pregnancy, etc.  It also is a nice way for people to learn more about healthy meals and explore those options through a personal chef who has focus in this area.  I'm glad to have had this opportunity to meet Alia and taste her delicious meals!"
Lauren Indovina
"The service that Alia provides is above and beyond just simply food. She provides us with peace of mind, knowing that we are nourishing our bodies with well-balanced, nutrient-packed meals. We don't need to think about it or plan it—it's already taken care of and ready to eat in our refrigerator and freezer." 
Jen Mayer